How to Face Paint an Easter Egg Basket!

Spring is here! Paint a pretty Easter Basket for Easter. Follow these step by step directions to make your own!

Easter Basket


  1. Use bright, or pastel colors for your Easter Basket design. You can mix white with another color to make it a pastel color.
  2.  Make sure to wipe your brush clean after each color. This will keep your colors bright.


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small #1 Round Brush

Colors Used In This Picture:

Diamond FX Essential White
Diamond FX Essential Black
Tag Body Art Teal
Tag Body Art Pearl Blue
Tag Body Art Yellow
Tag Body Art Orange 

Tag Body Art Rose
Tag Body Art Light Green
Tag Body Art Lilac
Tag Body Art Purple



1. Take your #4 round brush and paint an oval shape where you want to start your Easter Basket. 

Easter Basket 1

2. Next paint a few more egg shapes, using different colors. Layer them on top of each other to give it depth. 

Easter Basket 3


3.  Next take the same brush, using Diamond FX white, Draw a Easter Basket around the eggs. First draw an lowercase ‘n’ shape, going around the top of the eggs. Hug the sides in close as you can to the eggs. Next draw a smiley face shape going around the bottom of the eggs for the top of the basket. Fill in the bottom of the basket.

Easter Basket 4


4. Using BOTH Tag Rose, & Lilac, draw a bow on the top of your handle. Start with a circle in the middle, paint two hearts on the side, then continue to add some thick lines going down the sides.

Easter Basket 5


5. Add different colors of flowers all along the bottom of the basket. Make them different sizes, and layer them on top of each other.

Easter Basket 6

6. Add White dots and highlighting by using your #4 round brush. Load the brush fully with white. To make the dots you’ll want your paint to be a little thinner consistently, but not too thin or it will run!  Add highlighting to the eggs as well.  Next take your tag light green and add vines, leaves, and a little grass in the basket. 

Easter Basket 7


7. Complete your design by outline in black. Using the #1 brush, and Diamond FX Black, Trace around the flowers, vines, eggs and bow. Show detail in the basket by outlining the weaves. Add glitter, or expand your design by add more flowers, or even a Easter Bunny!

Easter Basket 82

Did this work for you? Comment about it below!