How to Face Paint a Mermaid

Mermaid 10


1.  Only use paints that are FDA approved face paints.
2.  Use colors that contrast each other to make your design more dramatic. 


 Products Used In This Picture:


 1. Take and load your #6 round brush with the  light blue by dabbing your brush in your water, then mix the water with your paint to activate it. Load your brush all the way to the top  of the bristle by moving your brush back and forth to gather as much paint as you can.  You’ll want your paint to be a little bit thicker than ink, but not much. Make a oval shape where you want your mermaid to be.


2. Next paint the neck, torso & arms.

Mermaid 2

3. Using the diamond fx light green  and a round brush, draw two tear drop shapes right underneath the torso. Paint the outline of the fin, by painting two thin lines to create the shape.  Join the two lines at a point.


4. Next paint the tail of the fin, by using wavy thin lines, almost like a leaf.


5. Fill in the outline of the fin using the same green paint, you can use your round brush to create bigger lines, by pressing down and allowing the bristles to open up, gentle tilt your brush to fill in the outline.

mermaid 5

6.Using Tag Regular Rose , create small teardrops for her top, making a small teardrop in the middle and working down along the sides making smaller teardrops. Then starting at the top of the oval, make medium sizes lines and curls to create the outline of the hair.


7. With the Tag Pearl Lilac, continue to add to the hair using teardrop strokes using the round brush. Make highlights for her shell top, and don’t forget to give her some lips!


 8. Now with Diamond fx white and your round brush, highlight your artwork by slightly outlining where light may hit. Make two oval dots for the eyes. You’ll want to place the eyes halfway in the blue oval.


9. Add some Diamond fx metallic green spots, and add  an outline to her fins.  Add a small green dot  in each white spot for her eyes.

Mermaid 9

10. Using a #1 round brush,  and diamond fx black, make small strokes to create eyebrows, eyes, lashes and nose.  Slightly outline the lips.  Outline the rest of your mermaid, to make your art really pop.  Add bubbles, waves  or starfish to make it more interesting!

Mermaid 10