Third Eye Goddess Warrior Mask

Third Eye Warrior Goddess

Embrace your inner Goddess Warrior!


Paint a lovely headpiece to show off your strength and beauty.


1. You can paint over makeup, foundation, eye shadow etc. Apply your regular make up first, before starting to paint.

2.  Use colors that contrast each other to make your design more dramatic. 


Products Used In This Picture:


1.  Starting with the fuchsia face paint, and the high density make up sponge add a thin line of paint across the the forehead. Then using a clean sponge, lightly pull the paint down from the line, allowing the paint to fade.  

2. Next using your #4 brush and the white face paint, draw an eye shape between the eye brows in the middle of the forehead.  Make sure it’s dry before adding a light blue circle in the middle of the eye.  You will want to align the top of the circle to top of the white shape for the eye.  Add a smaller, black circle inside of the light blue circle in the same manner. 

warrior goddess 1


3. Next step is using your #4 brush and the blue face paint. Start to add shading to the eye.  Add feathers coming out from the eye, by drawing curved lines starting out at the forehead, and pulling your lines towards the eye.  Try to do one line in the middle of the forehead, then two lines on each side, so that  your design will be balanced.

5. Use blue face paint to fill in two of the feathers, add small teardrop shapes to each side of the lines.  Next use the copper face paint to fill in the remaining feathers. Use long curly line shapes to fill in those feathers. 


6. Add more feathers on the sides of the face, using the same colors,  Using your #4 brush, create teardrop shapes pointing toward the mask. You can use different brushstrokes to create different effects.

7. Using the white face paint and your #4 brush,  add teardrop shapes to fill out your design and give it highlights. Add white dots across the top of the fuchsia mask.  Add some white dots to the eye.  

8. Finally, use your #1 brush, outline your design with black face paint.  Outline the eye and give it shading. Outline the feathers, and the white teardrop shapes using thin, small brushstrokes. 

9. Add iridescent glitter and your look is complete!

Third Eye Warrior Goddess