How to Face Paint a Unicorn

Every girl’s favorite! You can’t go wrong with a unicorn. Here’s a simple way to achieve the look:

Unicorn 6

How to Face Paint a Unicorn Tutorial


  • You can make any color Unicorn you want, remember to do your lightest colors first, and move into your darker colors, building up your design by layers.
  • Use a black outline to finish your piece to really allow it to stand out and be seen!
  • Don’t be afraid to start over! Keep baby wipes handy to wipe away mistakes or to try out something new.


Medium #6 Round Brush
Small #1 Round Brush

Colors Used In This Picture:

Diamond FX Essential White
Diamond FX Essential Black
Tag Body Art Berry Wine
Tag Body Art Teal
Tag Body Art Pearl Blue
Tag Body Art Yellow


1. Take your #6 round brush and paint two white circles where you want to put your unicorn. Make one circle bigger than the other.

Unicorn 1

2. Connect the two circles together to make the head. Next add the horn by starting at the head, and taking your fully loaded round brush and flicking it up to make the horn shape.  Make sure to add the ear, and the neck.

Unicorn 2

3. Starting with your blue and the round #6 brush, Add decorative swirls around the head, by starting away from the unicorn, then drawing your brush up and towards the ear.  Add a blue shape for the eye, in the middle of the head underneath the horn.  Finish the hair by adding purple swirls of hair along with the blue.

Unicorn 4

4. Next take your #1 round brush, and gently outline the unicorn. Start with the hair and just go around each piece. Draw a black circle next to the blue dot for the eye. Draw two small lines surrounding the eye. Next draw the nose and mouth, and outline the ear. Lastly with a light touch, gently outline the horn making small movement with your brush up and down.

Unicorn 4-5

5. Add flowers, and dots by starting with a large round brush and the pearl blue. Make sure the paint is a good consistency. Start with your brush pointing straight up, point where you want your flower to be. bend the brush down in various degrees to create flower petals. Add some shading to the hair and eyes. Add some yellow dots in the middle of the flowers. Don’tforget to outline the flowers too so they look consistent with the rest of your design. Make the design yours, by adding glitter, making the hair rainbow or adding more flowers.

Unicorn 6