Must Have Designs on Every Face Painter's Menu Board

Like many face painters, I bring a menu board to almost every gig. If a child (or adult) asks for something that is not on the menu, I will usually paint what they ask for, unless it is too complex to paint in the same timeframe as my menu designs. However, most kids pick straight off the menu. I change my menu up at almost every event depending on the season or the theme of the party, but there are some designs that are classic staples that every face painter should always have available. 

Butterfly Face Paint

1. Butterfly

I probably paint butterflies more than any other design. They are fun, quick, and versatile. No wonder both kids and face painters love butterfly designs! This is a definite must-have on your menu.


Spiderman Face Paint

2. Super Hero

Boys love to be painted as super heroes! I usually stick with either Spider-Man or Batman. Batman is a quick and effective design for when you want to get through a long line, but Spider-Man is an impressive design that will "wow" the kids. Other super heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, or Hulk are asked for on occasion, but not nearly as much as Batman or Spider-Man. 


Flower Face Paint

3. Flowers

I love painting flowers because they are easy to paint, but the end result is impressive. This option is really popular among older girls. I always keep this option on my board, but I will usually switch up the design depending on the event. My "flowers" design alternates between roses, dip flowers, and daisies. 


Pirate Face Paint

4. Pirate

I absolutely love painting pirates! The boys always giggle when they see their little mustache and goatee. This design is definitely kid approved!


kitty face painting

5. Kitty

Kitty designs are one of my main designs. I have never painted at an event or party where I haven't had to paint a kitty cat. You can switch up your kitty design depending on the event. Sometimes I feel like doing something funky like a rainbow kitty, and sometimes I go with a more traditional cat design. 


Dino Face Paint


6. Dinosaur

Little boys just love dinosaurs! This design is quick and easy, so it is perfect for any occasion. 


Tiger Face Paint

7. Tiger

Both boys and girls love to be painted as tigers! One time I left this design off of my menu board and a bunch of kids still asked for it. I will never leave it off of my menu again! 


puppy face painting

8. Puppy

Another classic design! If you are a seasoned face painter, them I am sure you know how popular this design is.


skull face paint

9. Skull

Skulls are not just for Halloween! I keep a skull design on my board all year long. There is a lot of variety when it comes to skulls. Sometimes, the bulk of my skull designs are fancy sugar skulls for the girls, and sometimes all the boys (especially the older boys) want scary skulls. 


Rainbow Princess Face Paint

10. Princess

Before, I used to have a separate rainbow and princess designs. One day, I decided that it would be better to try a rainbow princess! I have never looked back. This design is fast and easy and little girls absolutely love it!