Art of Face Painting - How to Do Dots Video by Shelley Wapniak

Learning how to face paint is a fun task which sometimes becomes difficult if you do not know the basics. It's important the you learn the basics to build a strong foundation for your art especially in face painting wherein the imagination, skill, and resourcefulness of an artist is reflected through their work. 

That is why we decided to bring you the basics of face painting with the help of our professionals Shelley Wapniak and Jessica Mellow! 


For dots, you want your brush to be really liquidy. This creates a really nice dot. Press the brush onto the skin to make small dots and bigger dots. To make star bursts (which go very well with dots), simply press a dot onto the skin, and flick the brush across the dots to make a star-shaped design.

If you're using a thick brush, this will make bigger dots, and if you're using a thinner brush, this will give you smaller dots. The harder you press, the bigger the dots.

There you have it! It's never too late to learn the basics! Take what you learned from our video and share with your fellow face painters! If you want more videos like this, let us know in the comments! 

Products Used In The Video: 

Diamond FX White 
Mehron Mark Reid Signature Brush #4 Round Brush
Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl Brushes - #5 Round Brush
Paradise Super Fine Point Brush (1/16") 

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