Kryvaline Face Paint

Kryvaline Palette and Rainbow cakes.

Kryvaline Palette and Rainbow cakes.

Well gang, as always we here at are searching the globe for great new products for our faithful customers. Our latest brand, Kryvaline, comes from our neighbors in Canada. I have been anxiously awaiting our sample package so I could test the paints and share my results with all of you. First up is a palette of standard colors which is packaged nicely much like Wolfe paints; included were two brushes, a fine tip and small flat. Next we have two multi-colored or rainbow cakes, also neatly packaged in a hard shell case.

With just a dab of water I was able to get a nice coating of paint on my brush, the colors are bright and have a deep pigmentation. They immediately hold up to brands like TAG, Diamond, Wolfe and the other major brands.

Lets take a look at the product applied on skin.


Easily applied with just a little water on your brush, this 12 color palette really makes the grade.


Wetting a hydra sponge and a quick run through this 4 color cake gives a terrific ribbon.


Our final sample of the multi-color cake, also applied with a wet hydra sponge, gives us an awesome band of color.

A couple of facts about the brand:

Kryvaline Paint Products are FDA and EU compliant, have not been tested on animals, and are vegan friendly. The glycerin and paraffin wax based paints are free of harmful perfumes, sulfates and drying agents, which allow them to be used on sensitive skin.

The proof is in the pudding here gang; a quality paint that is easy on the skin, I say we have a winner!

Keep your eyes peeled for some fun paint designs using this product!