Kraze Neon Pop Palette Giveaway Winners for April 2020

Congratulations April Kraze FX Neon Pop Palette Giveaway Winners!

Debra - April 1
Karen - April 8
Robbie - April 15

Rebekah - April 22
Yolanda - April 29

Every week, we are giving away a Kraze FX Neon Pop One Stroke Split Cake Palette! There are several ways for you to enter the contest, so make sure you take the opportunity to get involved!  

Winner: Robbie

Thank you!!!

How long have you been face painting?

Over 25 years! Face painting is both a hobby and a profession for me.

What is your favorite thing to face paint?

Butterflies, tigers, and abstract.

Do you have social media?

You can see my work at my website Robbie's Pack Family Entertainment and on Facebook at Robbie's Pack. I've been collecting links for parents and children for during this season of social distancing on my Facebook page. They're about fun activities, arts, crafts, games, stories, education, laughter, music, nature, germ spread visual, and even engineering. I'm happy to share.

What is your favorite thing about face painting?

When they look in the mirror and smile or "become" what they were painted as. One very shy boy could barely look at me to be painted. Once the painting was revealed, he became his tiger and interacted with total strangers for over an hour at a fair. His parents enjoyed watching him as did I whenever I could sneak a peak.  


Winner: Rebekah

Thank you for providing an opportunity to win this palette of paint!

How long have you been face painting?

I have been face painting a little over three years now. I face paint part-time/hobby.

What is your favorite thing to face paint?

My favorite themes to face paint are sometimes in detail cheek art and other times I like to paint full face designs.

Do you have social media?

I do not have a website but I do post to my Instagram account Pocahontas1001 and my personal Facebook page.

What is your favorite thing about face painting?

I think one of my best face painting moments has been when some parents have questioned whether their child would sit still enough for me to paint them. The child does sit and let me paint them some what extensively and really enjoys the design and the parents are in shock of their child and my design.


Winner: Yolanda

How long have you been face painting?

Six years. I'm a professional face painter. 

What are your favorite themes to face paint?

My favorites are unicorns, tigers and superheroes.

Are you on social media or a website?

Just my Facebook page Social media sites 

What is your best face painting moment?

The highlight was my first corporate gig for Viacom. It was so much fun.  I made so money and had a great time.



Thank you again to all who entered the contest, and congratulations to our April winners!