Cherry Blossom Geisha Face Paint Design Video by Athena Zhe

My name is Athena Zhe, and I am with and today I'm going to show you how to paint a cherry blossom Geisha design.

First, I start with the base coat, and in this case, it's white. After that, I do a little bit of the contouring around the nose and cheekbones. Then, I add rosy cheeks and paint a rose design all the way around to kind of blend in from white to red.

Then, I do the eye design. For this, I do a white outline underneath the eye, and a really, really thick cat-eyeliner. Then I do thick, black eyebrows, and small red lips.

To give this design a twist, I added cherry blossoms all around the design. The way I did this was I used a small brush with gray and I painted very very light lines where the branches go. After that, I painted white cherry blossom flowers all around the face, and then I went with black, and went a little bit over the gray, which ended up being a shadow. Hope you enjoy this video! 

Cherry Blossom Geisha Face Paint Design

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