Interview with a Paintopia Professional Face Painting Winner

It’s nice to occasionally hear from those out in real world who do the face and body painting for a living. In this case I spoke with Clare, the owner of Cosmic Face Painting and the source of many beautiful photos I have been using as examples.


How long have you been doing face painting?

Clare – I trained in 2009 but did not get into public painting until the summer of 2010. I still attend training sessions with famous painters from around the world.




Why and how did you start?

Clare– I am a trained beautician with a Pamper party business and realized that I needed something for the younger children. So face painting came about and now I teach beginner training workshops.




Did you expand into body paint and bump painting later or it did all come at once?

Clare – I started Pregnancy Bump painting for Comic Relief 2013 to raise money and did 16 bumps and raised £986 (1650 USD). My first Body painting was just two weeks ago :)




What Facepaint brand do you use and why?

Clare – A particular Face Painting brand is tough one to decide. I wouldn’t be without White Diamond FX for all line work and flowers for double dipping, I love TAG Pearls for bases and TAG one stroke paints and I have recently started using Superstar which is softer.




What is your favorite piece of the body to paint?

Clare – I love painting Pregnancy bumps and being part of a mum-to-be special moments. I am friends with all the ladies I have painted and see their babies grow up through Facebook, which is so magical. I recently was asked to attend one of the babies 1st Birthday party.




What was your favorite piece of work?

Clare – I have two one is my award winning piece Paintopia Professional Face painter 2013 and the other is a pretty girl with my signature flower design.



Cosmic 2

Paintopia Professional Face painter 2013 Winner

Cosmic 1

Clare and her company, Cosmic Face Painting, is available in West Mailing, Kent in the U.K. She can be reached at 07979 230297 or via email You can also keep track of her work and contact her through Facebook.