How to Face Paint a Basketball on Fire!

Face painting basketball on Fire Amy Liza Williams


  1. The arm is also a great spot to paint designs on kids. Especially little ones as they will be able to see it on them.
  2. Using high quality face paints really makes a big difference in the results you get!



Colors Used In This Picture:


1. Start with using a #4 round brush , load heavy with the orange face paint. You’ll want want to dab your brush in the water,  then squeeze excess water off the brush using your towel. Load your brush with face paint by moving your brush back and forth over the paint, gently but firm.

2. Next draw a circle for your basketball shape where you want your design to go.

Basketball on Fire 1

2. Next, rinse the brush, dab with towel and load heavy with the black face paint.  Make the outline around the circle first, then starting at the top of your circle, draw a curved line to the other side. Draw another curved lined going from the center left to right of the circle. Draw a curved line on each side of the horizontal line.

basketball on fire 2

3. Now we’ll add the fire.  Using the metallic yellow, paint a shape that covers almost one side of the basketball, and meets at a point.  Then using the orange face paint, start at the edge of the basketball and flick your brush out to create lines of fire.


Basketball on fire 3

4. Finish the design, by  adding few red lines, by adding more quick brush strokes. Add highlights to the fire, using your white face paints by adding some quick brush stroke action by painting two lines coming from one point.  Add some small lines to the inside of the basketball.  Using quick brush stokes gives the design movement.  You now have a basketball on fire!  Adding opaque red or orange glitter with this design will really make it stand out.

Face painting basketball on Fire Amy Liza Williams