How to Paint a One-Stroke Shark



How to Paint a One-Stroke Shark

Experience level: Beginner/Intermediate

Sharks are an absolute favorite among boys at a face painting party or large event,so with a little twist of the wrist i’ll show you how to make a very fast shark with a one stroke brush and split cake. I will show you different ways to either leave it “as-is” or simply if there’s not a big line to add a little more on to the painting.


1: Make sure your person is clean of oils or sweat

2: Get your items you need in front of you within reach.

3: Have Fun!

Colors & Tools Used:

¾ One Stroke Brush
#2 Round Brush
Blue Shaded One Stroke Split Cake
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White

Application Steps:

1: Load your brush


2: Make 2 lines like shown, then make an additional line on the first line you’ve made (these are markers for a later stroke technique).


3: Now with a swooping motion slightly turn your brush like shown and lightly let go at the end with a point


4: Now repeat the step for the bottom jaw and end where you left off from step 3


5: Next you make a “U” shape for the tail where you ended with step 4. (Like Shown)


6: You now add the dorsal fins to your shark.


(if you have a very long line I would have a black dot for the eye and some white teeth and stop here)

7: If you do not have a line feel free to start with this step! With your #2 round brush you begin outlining your shark, adding gils and the eye.


8: With your now washed out #2 brush you begin adding your white highlights and teeth (I’ve added a mean and happy version of the shark).


9: If you have time feel free to add some bubbles and swish motions tear drops for movement!


You have now completed your shark! remember to have fun and practice, if you don't get it the first time try, try again!