DIY Fast and Easy Scorpion Face Paint Design

How to Paint an Fast and Easy Scorpion!

Many Boy loves bugs and especially Scorpions, so if you are out of time but you have a couple boys in line offer a scorpion on their face or arm and they are sure to love it! It’s fast and easy and always fun!


*Make sure your person is clear of sweat and debris

*Grab all your necessary utensils you might need in front of you

*Have Fun!

Tools and Paint used:

#3 Round Brush

(for details)

#4 Filbert Brush

( but a regular round brush would work as well)

DFX Black

DFX White

Application Steps:

1: Load Your Black onto your brush


2: Now make 5 lines one short then one about a quarter of that size so you have almost a tornado or a tear drop form, this will make for the scorpions head!


3: Next you make the tail!

Press the Tip of the brush down first and continue down and bend the brush to make a petal like shape. At the end to make the barb, you press the brush down and lift lightly up and any which way you’d like.


4: Making the Legs!

These are going to be the easiest legs you’ll ever make! all you need to do is repeat step 3, but instead of just making one and going in any motion, you start from the body(head) and point up, then from that point bring it down like an upside down “V”.

*Make sure you only add 8 legs!*


5: Add  your Claws!

Easiest claws ever! You make to tear drops to make the claws! as well as the two front mouth grabbers, you make these claws on the first front legs and the mouth grabbers on the first line you make in step #1.

*~If you have a huge line you might want to stop and say “tah dah your done!“~*


#6: Adding Details!

Load your brush with DFX white


Now just outline one side with white and add star burst with a flick in a cross like motion (up, down, side to side) This will recreate a “whip” like motion. Don’t forget to add that little part to the Barb for a “whack!” type effect! It gives the kids a feeling of it being more “evil”

And you are finished! Congratulations if you got it on the first try! if not you should always practice I didn’t get it right on my first try either! I had to practice a lot!


Thanks for reading!