How to Use Glitter with Stencils Video by Melissa Munn

Learn how to make your designs shine with some glitter and stencils! Watch Melissa Munn's guide on how to use glitter with stencils.

Today we're going to learn how to add glitter to your stencils. First, I'm going to take my stencil, hold it firmly against the skin, take my finger dauber (that's been loaded with white face paint), and dab it over the stencil. I'm going to keep the stencil in place, add the glitter to my dauber, and just going to daub over it.

If your paint is too wet, it's not going to work for your stencils and when you add the glitter to your dauber, it's going to absorb the paint, so you have to make sure you don't have too much paint on the dauber. Let's do another one!

I'm going to squirt my dauber with a little bit of water, and I often check on my own arm whether the water to paint ratio is just right. The last thing I want to do is get to the end of the design and then something is dripping through. This next stencil design I did in red, and we'll do a gold one as well!

Let's try to do it with the powders. This gold goes best on just with the finger. I find the powders are super fast to work with, they're a little bit creamy, so they work really well with the stencils.

When you use stencils, it's very important to have the right balance of water to paint. I find that I like to use a FAB white, which is a paraffin based white, rather than a wax based white. This is because I can get it stickier, and it will not bleed through the stencil as easily as a wax based face paint. I love all the FAB colors for stenciling.

Products Used in the Video :

FAB White Face Paint - White 161
FAB Red Face Paint - Rage 128
FAB Gold Face Paint - Glitter Gold 066
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Bubbles - BAM 1310
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Tiny Hexagons - BAM 1218
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Geometric Lattice - BAM2013
Mama Clown Iridescent Glitter Jar - White Glitter Dust (1 oz/28 gm)
Mehron Glitter Powders - Metallic Gold G
Mama Clown Opaque Poofable Glitter - Red (1 oz/28 gm)
Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling Glitter - Brilliant Gold (0.5 oz)
Finger Daubers
Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #3 Round Brush (3/32")


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