Peter Pan Glitter-Land!

    For me glitter is magical. It turns every design into a fairy tale. This was actually pretty easy to paint, so sparkle on with me!

    Step 1

    Using a big dauber and DFX Yellow, paint a moon. With petal sponge and global magenta, create a wavy thick line and while it's still wet, add Electric Magenta glitter on the entire pink area. Glitter doesn't adhere well if the paint is dry, so if that's the case, I just put my finger in the water to make it damp, blot it on my towel, and then pick up some glitter and continue to spread it all over.

    Step 2

    After the pink, I take FAB Peacock (one of my favorite colors) and right after while the paint is still wet, I add green glitter on top.

    Step 3

    With FAB Ziva Blue Shimmer, I fill the empty spaces, adding DFX Stratosphere (blue) Glitter. This creates the base for our magical glitter land. From here there are so many ways you can go in adding swirls, fairies, and just about anything you can imagine. Keep in mind that black color is most effective on this kind of background.

    Step 4

    I've decided to go with Peter Pan because I had a custom made stencil and actually don't use it that much although it's great for boys and girls. My ultimate best dauber ever is Tsukineko jumbo sponge dauber because it's a perfect size and so easy to manipulate. You should really try it. DFX Black and the Loew Cornell No. 3 round brush are used for creating this Glitter-land story. For Tinkerbell I used my mermaid stencil and then just added wings.


    Step 5

    With an almost dry blending brush, I've picked up a bit of black and daubed around branches for creating leafs. And now it is time for some highlights. Use the smallest/thinnest brush you have and DFX White.

    Step 6

    In this picture you can see what happens when you put pixie glitter (or any gel or liquid kind) over the paint. It's picking up the color underneath and it gets all messy and smudgy. This seems to be the issue for many artists, so you have solution for this please share it with me. Enjoy!


    Product used

    Round dauber

    DFX yellow,black,white

    Petal sponge

    Global magenta

    Electric magenta glitter

    FAB peacock

    Green glitter

    FAB ziva blue

    DFX Strathosphere blue glitter

    Loew cornel round No3 brush

    Blending brush

    Liner brush

    Pixie paint-Lucky star


    Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!