How to Paint a Rose

Rose by Amy Liza Williams

How to Face Paint a Rose


Use contrasting colors to make it pop. 
 Try using different colors for your roses and see which one you like best!


    Medium #4 Round Brush

    Colors Used In This Picture:

    Diamond FX Essential Black
    Diamond FX Essential White
    Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Green
    Wolfe Face Paints Red
    Kryolan Face Paints – Inerferenz Purple RB
    Tag Body Art Light Green


    Rose 1

    1. Using the black face paint and the #4 brush, start at the center of the rose, and draw a little spiral in the middle. Continue to draw spirals going outwards from the center of the design.  Outline the outside edges as well.

    2. Next using the light green draw two large leaves on each side of the rose. Draw two curvy lines that meet at a point, and then fill in.  Using the metallic green, draw shading on one side of the leaf.

    Rose 3

    3. Outline the leaves in black.  starting at the base of the leaf,  draw a line coming up through the center. Make small quick brushmarks along the line to create details.

    4. Finally, finish in white, creating small highlights. Add a star burs or two, and you have a beautiful rose.  Add vines around your design to make it detailed.

    Rose by Amy Liza Williams