How to do Simple Mouse Makeup

    Minnie Mouse by Cosmic Face Paint

    Minnie Mouse by Cosmic Face Paint

    There are certain characters that are iconic and need no introduction.


    Pull hair back out of the way

    Clean and dry the face

    Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


    Aqualon Filbert #8 Brush

    Colors Used In this picture:

    Ben Nye Liquid Face Paint – Black

    Ben Nye Liquid Face Paint – Red

    Ben Nye Liquid Face Paint – White



    1. Using your red, draw a circle where you want the center of the bow to be.
    2. Still using your red, draw two large hearts off of the center of circle, each on opposite side.
    3. Take your black and outline the bow and the circle in the middle
    4. Use a fine brush tip to add the fold details
    5. Use the white to create polka dots


    1. Use your black to create a circle on the tip of the nose
    2. Add a small dab of white on one side to give it accent


    1. Using a fine tip carefully draw three or four lines that curve slightly upwards


    1. Using the red draw a small heart on the apple of the cheek
    2. Outline the heart in black
    3. add a dab of white to the outer upper curve of the heart as an accent


    1. You can chose to leave the lips natural or slightly redden them with you facepaint
    2. Add a few small dabs of white as an accent on the bottom lip.