Using Cream Makeup

A friend was surfing the web and ran across a blog saying how terrible cream makeup is to use, how it melts, runs or even cracks and it’s difficult to remove. My answer; this blogger was simply either using poor product or did not know how to properly apply the makeup.

Cream style makeup has been used by professionals, especially in theater, for many years and is the preferred makeup still today. This makeup is different than face paint as it isn't simply applied with water and a brush and cleansed off with wet wipes, but used properly can be a great new makeup to add to your kit. Let’s take a look at proper application and use of cream makeup.

Cream Makeup

How to Use Cream Makeup

Use Professional Products 

As always, I can’t stress enough that the quality of your product will affect the results of the makeup design. Using the inexpensive tube makeup can give you less than desirable results, so stick with quality brands like Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryoalnor other pro brands for best results.

Ben Nye Cream Makeup in Pink

Ben Nye Cream Makeup: Ben Nye Creme Colors are richly pigmented makeup that is available in a range of shades to provide subtle to vibrant coverage. Perfect for adding detail and depth to stage makeup, theatrics or costume makeup.

Mehron CreamBlend Stick Makeup

Mehron Cream Makeup: Mehron CreamBlend Stick Makeup is a revamped cream makeup which offers ultra smooth supple texture and durable coverage for performances. They come in convenient swivel case packaging. Mehron CreamBlend Makeup is made with high quality ingredients and is safe to use.

Kryolan Cream Stick

Kryolan Cream Makeup: Kryolan SupraColor Cream Makeup is a highly pigmented grease makeup that provides superior coverage and rich color intensity. SupraColor cream based makeup can be used for highlighting or shading. Kryolan Supracolor is preferred for use in theatrics, stage production and other entertainment purposes

Why Use Cream Instead of Face Paint? 

Although face paints have amazing coverage, pigment and opacity, cream makeup still has greater ability to completely block out skin tones showing through the makeup. Cream is also easier to blend, and when applied properly is more water resistant and tends to be more smudge proof. The big factor is that when lit with harsh stage lighting, cream makeup will look better than face paint, as face paint can get washed out.

Old age makeup.

Old Age Cream Makeup

The old age makeup look above, aside from the beard and hair, was done with cream style stage makeup and holds up for hours of shooting for a film. 

How to Apply Cream Makeup

Before applying any type of makeup, be sure that you've removed all traces of other makeup and dirt. Do this by thoroughly cleansing the skin with a mild cleanser and patting dry. 

Step 1. Using a sponge or your fingertips, apply the makeup to the area of skin to be covered.

Step 2. Pat the makeup into the skin with fingertips. This will smooth out the makeup and push it into the pores to help cover the skin fully.

Step 3. Use a setting powder to dust the makeup and allow to sit for a moment. Then remove the excess powder with a soft brush.

Step 4. You can now add in any details, lines wrinkles and the like with a brush and corresponding makeup.

Step 5. Repeat powdering steps after every new layer of makeup or you can do the entire makeup job and powder at the end.

Results can be amazing when products are used properly, as always practice makes perfect. Makeup effects such as our old age makeup can be accomplished with a professional stage makeup kit.