How to Paint a Halloween Bat!

    Bats are the best! Did you know they eat mosquitoes, and play a positive role in the ecosystem? Building a bat box is a great alternative to pesticides for bug control.

    Today we'll share with you a few of our favorite Halloween bat face paint designs! Follow along to the tutorials to create your own Halloween bat!

    Cute Halloween Arm Bat

    Halloween Bat Face Paint

    Here is a cute bat that is ready for a Halloween party! This design is fast and easy.

    Materials Needed:


    Medium #4 Round Brush

    Face Paints:

    Diamond FX Essential Black
    Diamond FX Essential White

    Wolfe Face Paints Red


    Step 1. Start by painting a black circle where you want your design to go.

    Bat 1

    Step 2.Add two ears on top of the circle. Next paint on the wings. The top of the wing will have one point in the middle, a point at the end, the curve under to make the bottom of the wing. The points on the bottom will follow the points on top.

    Step 3. Add red face paint along the top of the wings, inside the ears and for the mouth shape. Paint a line coming from the inner point, down to the bottom of the wing.

    cat 3

    Step 4.  Using white face paint, paint two medium sized ovals for the eyes, make small tear drop shapes for the teeth, and paint highlights along the wings for the bat.

    Step 5. Add two small dots in the middle of the eyes, and the bat is complete

    Halloween Bat Face Paint

    #2. Cool Crazy Bat Face Paint Design

    Cool Crazy Bat Face Paint Design

    Materials Used:

    Grimas Pearl Blue
    Paradise Dark Blue
    Diamond FX Black
    Diamond FX White
    Number 6 Round Brush
    Number 1 Round Brush
    Chisel Brush
    Star Stencil
    Holographic Glitter


    Step 1. We sponge a pearl blue base on forehead, eyelids and sides of the eyes.

    Bat Face Paint Design

    Step 2. With a chisel brush we paint a black round shape in the centre of the forehead and the two wings. With a round brush we paint the black “fingers” and fill in the triangle shapes in between with dark blue.

    Bat Face Paint Design

    Step 3. With a round brush and white we paint two different size circles on the bat’s head to suggest a “crazy” look and two tiny horns. Then, we outline with a number 1 brush the horns and paint black in the centre of the eyes.

    Bat Face Paint Design

    Step 4. Now we paint two small white dots on each eye to make them more lively and two small fangs. With watery white and a round brush we highlight the top of head and wings.

    As a final touch, if we have time, we paint some small dots and stars around to fill in the background and we can add some stars with a stencil too.

    Painting lips with and adding glitter are always a plus!

    Bat Face Paint Design

    #3. Realistic Bat Face Paint Design

    Transform yourself into a spooky bat this Halloween by following along to this bat face paint video by Ana Cedoviste! A spooky, scary bat is perfect for Halloween, and also a really great adult face paint design!

    Products Used:


    Mehron Paradise White
    Mehron Paradise Black
    Mehron Paradise Light Brown
    Mehron Paradise Red
    Black Eyeshadow
    Brown Eyeshadow


    Non-toxic Glue Stick & Powder Foundation for Eyebrows
    Fine Round Brush
    Medium Filbert Brush
    Small Flat Brush
    Small Powder Brush