How to Make Flower Petals: Flower Face Paint Tutorial

How to Make Flower Petals

How to Make Flower Petals Using a Round Brush: Flower Face Paint Tutorial


1: Make sure you have everything you need (stated below) in arms reach!

2: Make sure that the person you are putting the paint on is free from sweat

(Wet wipes work well in this area!)


1: Make sure to have fun and don’t get too discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time! Practice makes perfect!

Tools you will need:

1: Depending on your person or how big you want the flowers to be I would use anywhere from #6 to a #3 for a flower brush.


2: You can pick your colors but later in the tutorial I’ll show you with a white and pink color and a #5 round brush, if you want to follow along very closely.

3: Of course you’ll need water in a cup or tray as well as a spray bottle, and a canvas(such as your hand for practice, you’re more than welcome to go see what they have for practice items in the store!)

Face Paints Used:

Paradise Makeup AQ Light Pink

Diamond FX White


*Diamond FX White is by far the best white I’ve seen, and sticks to the brush very nicely

*Paradise Light Pink is just enough to cause some distraction but subtle enough where it’s not overwhelming, I definitely recommend the Paradise Makeup AQ light pink for butterflies and background bases.


1:Wet your brush and mix it with the white

*Just reverse the pink with white for opposite pink pedals*


2: Now with your spray bottle lightly mist the pink paint so that it is wet but not watery (two-three spritz will do the trick from about 5 inches away)


3: Next you dip just the tip into the pink paint, and turn and pull it around in a circle, making sure you don’t get the whole brush in the pink.

 20140515_125924 20140515_125947

*if it looks to loaded (a lot of paint on the brush)

 Make sure to dab some on yourself to let out some of the gunk it might have taken up*


4: Then take the brush and with the tip first slowly press down (tip to end) ending with a fifth petal.

(Don’t feel the need to just end with those petals you can make a petal line! One or two petals makes it look like they’re falling which creates an awesome effect once it’s finished.)


-You can also outline your flower petals to make them pop out either in black or white! Feel free to test it out! Add some swirly lines and star burst (glitter optional) and you have a great design!

*This is a very fast and easy way to have a design be super cute, but also be super-fast for your design options, so you have more time to paint more and more customers!*