How to Paint a Sunset Butterfly

Sunset Butterfly Amy Liza Williams


Medium #4 Round Brush
Petal Tip Brush 1/4″

Colors Used In This Picture:

Tag Body Art YellowTag Body Art Orange Tag Body Art Pearl PurpleDiamond FX Essential BlackDiamond FX Essential WhiteParadise Makeup AQ Face Paint- Brilliant Fuschia


1.  Starting with the petal tip brush, and orange face paint, paint an outline of your butterfly wings.  You can make this shape anyway you want. I like to make my wings pointed at the top and the bottom. Leave just a little room between the wings, but not much.   Add Purple paint to the outer edges of the wings, then add yellow in the center. Add some Brilliant Fuchsia around the purple, and blend in with the surrounding colors. Experiment with blending the paints when wet, or let each color dry then before adding additional colors. You can create many wonderful effects and color combinations!

Butterfly 1

2. Now, using the #4 round brush, and the black face paint, start by painting a dot where you want the head of your butterfly to go. Keep painting additional dots underneath the head, and continue down in a straight line. Make sure each dot is connected to the previous one so that there will not be any gaps. Paint two curvy swirls for the antennas coming from the head. Now you’ll want to outline the butterfly wings. Starting from the inside edge, work your way outwards, adding swirls to the top and bottom of the wings. Once you have outlined the wings, start to draw the inside lines. Starting at the top, paint a curved line and pull down toward the body. Repeat with both sets of wings. Fill in extra black if you would like on the outer edges of the wings for more contrast. 

butterfly 2

3. Add the finishing touches by using your#4 brush and the white face paint. You’ll want this paint to be a little thinner to get some good dot action going on. Add a little more water to the white paint, and load your brush completely. Add groups of dots on top of the black edges of the wings.  You can add some eyes as well.  As always, add some glitter to really make it sparkle!

Sunset Butterfly Amy Liza Williams