Creating Scars

I’m sure most of you have done a nice face paint pirate scar or perhaps some cool surgical scars for a Frankenstein monster with a jagged line of black or red face paint. Have you ever wanted to try to make more realistic looking scars? We are going to show you an easy method for creating scars with just a couple of products. Scars come in all shapes and sizes, perhaps you have one or two yourself. Some scars often have a slight pink hue to them  even if the scar is years old, while heavier scar tissue can be a bit white, it’s always fun to experiment with different looks, here is a simple process to follow for making a nice realistic scar.


Red or Pink Eyeliner Pencil
Rigid Collodion
Neutral Setting Powder
Powder Puff
Adhesive Remover

* When using any type of special FX makeup always test a small area of the skin first to see if you have any adverse reaction.

* Always start with clean skin even when applying makeup to areas other than your face. For this demo we are using the back of the hand as the Collodion scar liquid works best in an area with loose skin.

Step 1

With eyeliner pencil draw the scar pattern, a jagged line makes the scar look more vicious.

Step 1.


Step 2

Apply the rigid collodion liquid to the scar design with the applicator brush. This step requires a few coats allowing the collodion to dry about a minute in between each application.

Step 2.


Step 3

When you have achieved the depth you wish for your scar, allow the last coat to dry about a minute before proceeding. You will notice a shine.

Step 3.

Step 4

With the powder puff and neutral setting powder, pat the area to dull the shine. Some shine is okay as a fresh scar can appear to have a sheen. Dust off extra powder with a makeup brush or soft cloth.

Step 4.


Step 5

You now have a completed 3 dimensional scar.


Step 5.


* To remove the scar you can just lift an edge and peel off like a bandage, soaking a cotton ball in adhesive remover and dabbing over the scar first will help dissolve the bond. Have fun experimenting with scar shapes and color to give different looks.