How to Face Paint an Easy Rainbow Shooting Star

Shooting Rainbow Star 3


Medium #4 Round Brush
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge (cut in half)

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential White
Silly Farm Rainbow Cake – Juicy Fruit 


1. Starting with the half foam sponge and the rainbow split cake, add a small amount of water to the face paint, and work the sponge back and forth over the paint to load.

butterfly face 1

2. Starting at one end of the arm, or forehead firmly press the sponge down, and stipple (pat down) up and down the spot where you want your rainbow to go.

Shooting Rainbow Star 1

3. Next, once that is fully dry, take your #4 round brush and the yellow face paint, and add a 5 pointed star. I like to trace the star first, then fill in with yellow paint.

Shooting Rainbow Star 2

4. Finally, outline the design in white using the same brush and the white face paint. Add streaks, dots, and star bursts. Add more streaks coming from the center of the star and less on the outside. Experiment with different patterns and dots, they make your design very unique.

Shooting Rainbow Star 3

Add glitter! this is perfect for glitter. Enjoy my shooting stars! May your star lead you to your greatest dreams!