How to Face Paint a Sun and Clouds

    sun and clouds 6


    Medium #4 Round Brush
    Small #0 Round Brush

    Colors used in this picture:

    Diamond FX Essential Black
    Diamond FX Essential White
    Tag Body Art Yellow
    Tag Body Art Orange

    Optional: Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic White (Sheer)


    1. Starting with the yellow face paint, and the #4 round brush, paint a circle where you want your design to you. Next paint flames on the sides of the circle.

    Sun and clouds 2

    2.  Next, using the orange face paint, and the same brush, add orange to the inside of your design.

    sun and clouds 3

    3. Now, using the white face paint and the same brush, add clouds, by adding circular brush strokes that overlap. Keep the big circles in the middle, and let them get smaller as you paint outwards from the design.

    sun and clouds 4

    4. Using the smaller #0 round brush, and the black face paint outline your design. Trace around the circular cloud patterns, creating spiral outlines. Trace around the sun, both on the inside and outside of the flames.

    sun and clouds 5

    5. Finally, using the #4 round medium brush, and the white face paint. Add star bursts, and dots on and surrounding your design.  Add glitter to make it sparkle! I always add glitter to my designs, but my camera skills don’t do it justice. Try it and see!

    sun and clouds 6