How to Face Paint a Witch With Her Broom

witch 4

No Halloween is complete without a witch! Here is a easy, and classic green witch that is easy to paint.


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small #0 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Tag Body Art Light Green
ag Body Art Yellow
Wolfe Face Paints – Brown
Paradise Makeup AQ – Brilliant Face Paint Silver



1. Starting with the medium round brush and the green face paint, start by painting the head and the hands of the witch.  Make the hands like balls because they will be holding a broom. Make sure to give her a big witch nose!

witch 1


2. Next Paint a pointed hat, overlapping the head. Paint a white eyeball, in the middle of the head, right to the top bordering the hat.

witch 2


3. Next, using the brown paint paint a long line going between the hands. Paint a “U” shape at the end to create the shape of the bottom of the broom. Next, using yellow fill in the U shape.

witch 3


4. Now paint the dress of the witch with the black, filling in all between the head, hands and underneath the broom. Pull the paint down to make the dress jagged and torn. Then using the silver paint, add hair and outline her hat, and adding highlights to her dress.

5. Finish by taking the small round brush and the black face paint, and outline her nose, add a mouth, and add a dot in the eyeball. Outline her hair, hands, and the broom. Now the witch is complete. What spooky things is she up to?

witch 4