How to Face Paint a Kooky Halloween Owl

Halloween Owl 5

Owls are always a part of the Halloween celebration! They can be scary or sweet. This one is a little silly! Here is how to paint one of your own!


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small #0 Round Brush
paper towels
 or cloth
water container

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Tag Body Art Yellow
Tag Body Art Orange
Wolfe Face Paints- Light Green
Wolfe Face Paints – Brown
Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic White (Sheer)


1. Starting with the brown face paint, and the medium round brush, paint a horizontal line for the tree branch that the owl will sit on. Paint additional lines that are squiggly for the smaller branches.

Halloween Owl 1


2. Next, using the orange face paint and the round brush, paint the shape of the owl. You can do this by painting an vertical oval for the body. Paint a horizontal oval overlapping the first oval, on top. Then paint two triangle pointed shapes on top. Add three tick marks for each foot of the owl, going over the tree branch.

Halloween Owl 2


3. Now add two big white circle for the eyes, and two green wings on each side of the owl. You’ll want to overlap the orange a little, so you may want to add an additional coat to the green for a good, bright coverage.


Halloween Owl 3


4. Using the white, add small teardrop shapes on each of the wings. Add zig zag shapes going across the chest. Add a little white to the branch and any place you would like to add highlights.

Halloween Owl 4


5. To finish, taking the small round brush and outline the entire design. Go around the outside of the shape. Add additional zig zag shapes along the white. Add two dots for the eyes. For an even sillier look, have the eyeballs go in different directions!


Halloween Owl 5