How to Face Paint a Scary Clown

Looking for just the right amount of scare? These scary clown face paint ideas are just what you need! Great for kids, teens, and adults alike, these scary clown face paint designs are easy to if you follow the tutorials below!

How to Face Paint a Scary Clown

#1. Scary Clown Face Paint Design

evil clown final 


Step 1. Starting with the hydra sponge cut in half, and the white face paint, cover the entire face.

evil clown 1

Step 2. Next, using the small round brush, outline the eyes, creating a triangle shape above and below each eye. Add three lines coming out of the corner on each eye.

evil clown 2

 Step 3.  Next, using the red face paint and the medium filbert brush,  paint the tip of the nose, and around the mouth and cheeks.

evil clown 3

Step 4. Fill in the shapes around the eye with blue face paint, and using your brush and wet paint, blend the outline and the blue together.

Step 5. Next, using the medium filbert brush and the white face paint, add teeth along the lip line, and continue onto the cheeks.

evil clown 4

Step 6. Using the small round brush, and black paint, outline the teeth, and along the outside of the lips as well. Outline the nose, and using wet paint, blend the red and black together.

evil clown 5

Step 7. Finally, add any detail to the design, such as dots, or lines.

evil clown final

Products Used:


Small #0 Round Brush
Medium Filbert
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge
Paper Towels
 or Cloth
Water Container
Spray Bottle With Water- optional
Baby Wipes - Optional


Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Wolfe Face Paints Red

#2. Scary Clown Design Video by Kellie Burrus

Follow along with Kellie Burrus in this video tutorial to recreate this scary clown face paint that's great for kids and adults! 

Products Need:

White Face Paint
Black Face Paint
Red Face Paint
Blue Face Paint

#3. Pennywise Face Paint Tutorial by Marta Ortega Lopez

Pennywise Face Paint Design

Looking for a super duper scary clown face paint design? Look no further than this Pennywise face paint tutorial! Follow along with Marta in this step-by-step tutorial!

Products Used:

FX Products:

Watersoluble Spirit Gum
Mehron SynWax

Face Paints:

Light Gray 
Dark Red


Translucent Powders
White Cream Makeup.
Black Eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow

#4. Female Pennywise Face Paint Design by Francesca Marchitelli

In this video tutorial, talented face paint and makeup artist Francesca Marchitelli, shows us how to create a female pennywise face paint design, from the new movie, It 2. 

With Halloween right around the corner, this design is absolutely perfect, and you can actually create your own unique version with just a few tweaks!

Products Used:

Endura Blood Vial 
Cameleon Face Paint - Baseline Pure White 
Cameleon Face Paint - Baseline Strong Black 
Cameleon Face Paint - Baseline Fire Red