How to Face Paint a Butterfly Eye Swirl

Butterfly Eye Swirl


Medium #4 Round Brush
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge (cut in half)

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Diamond FX Split Cake – Large Monsoon

Also recommended: Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic White (Sheer)


1. Starting with the split cake and one half of the hydra sponge, add a tiny amount of water to the split cake. Work back and forth with the flat surface of the sponge until it is fully loaded with paint.

butterfly face 1

2. When your sponge is fully loaded, line up the edge of the sponge, with the corner of the eye. Use the lightest colors on the inside, darker colors on the outside of the design. Pounce the sponge over the eye, pivot on the corner of the eye, only moving the sponge over the outer part of the eye. This will create a triangular shape.

Butterfly eye swirl 1


3. Next, using the #4 round brush and the black face paint, paint an outline of the wings. Start at the top corner,  create a teardrop shape outlining the top of the wing, pulling down toward the corner of the eye. Starting again on the outside of the design, push the brush down firmly to create big brush stokes that outline the outer edge. Pull the brush in toward the focal point to finish the stroke. Do this along the whole outer edge Add more long tear drop shapes on the bottom and a few on the outer edge.  Add three dots near the nose.

Buterfly eye swirl 2


4. Now, using the white face paint, and the #4 brush, add dots all along the black. Make sure the black is completely dry before add the white dots over. It will create a dramatic effect to add contrasting colors. Add glitter for this design especially, the camera doesn’t do justice to glitter, but trust me! it’ like the cherry on top, make it perfect!

Butterfly Eye Swirl