Getting Ghoulish With Graftobian


We introduced you to the Pro Paint series by Graftobian a while back, since that time I have had plenty of opportunity to work with it and have featured the product in some of the face paint designs. The colors are vivid and the pigment and opacity are terrific, the makeup is almost like putting on a cream. My daughter Sarah has been experimenting with Halloween makeup ideas using Pro Paint and is having a blast, also getting good results. I would like to share some of her findings with you.



*For the base on the zombie bride the Graveyard Grey was applied with a Hydra sponge.

*Splotches of Turquoise were added with a cosmetic wedgeto give a modeled look to the skin.

*The Raven Black was applied lightly to the eyes with a smoothie blender to give a sunken in look.

*Finally a little Mehron stage blood is dabbed on to enhance the effect.


The same foundation method was used on her brother with the addition of black lips painted with a medium round brush and shading over the eye brow and jawline was accomplished with a cosmetic wedge.


We also showed off the Pro Paints recently in the Lil Devilarticle, here is the full makeup Chelsea chose for Halloween. The Crimson Red is our foundation applied with a hydra sponge, this red is absolutely  brilliant. A contour brushwas used to apply the Eggplant around the eyes. We added some shading to the cheeks with the black and a cosmetic wedge, then went over the black with a light layer of red.


As you can see these paints are versatile with blending and shading capabilities and certainly can be used by an amateur face painter as well as the accomplished artist delivering amazing results. So have fun and hope you enjoy the Pro Paints as much as we do!