Gearing Up For The New Year!

Tackle box  used for organizer.

So we’ve made it past the major holiday season hopefully with all our sanity in tact. The time of year which is full of family gatherings and parties for us to enjoy can also be a busy time for a face painter. It’s definitely a chance time to make a little extra cash before the winter slow season. This lull is not always a bad thing, we can take this opportunity to clean out the paint kit and take some inventory and restock.


At least once a year we should take the time to clean our cases thoroughly and keep them looking spiffy. How about replenishing the supplies? Those long winter nights of watching your favorite shows is a perfect time to check through the face paint supplies. Perhaps you ordered some new stencils but just never had the chance to experiment with them while you were out on gigs all summer. Well now you have some time have some fun and play. Don’t forget to examine the brushes, nothing I hate more than finding my favorite brush in disrepair right when I need it most.



Speaking of ordering supplies, did you know that we run deals on products regularly, check out the on sale page to see for yourself. Also we have a coupon on a featured brand each month so check that out on our homepage. Maybe you have wanted try one of our new brands but were hesitant to switch up in the busy season. We include photo galleries of our face paint brands on the skin to help you see them in action before you buy.


Perhaps you saw a design idea in one of our many blogs that you wanted to try but just didn’t have time to read it in depth; well this is the perfect time to go back through our archives and see what you’ve missed.



Gearing up for the busy season is really easy if you do a little bit at a time, so have fun as you go through the supplies and do a little painting along the way.