Fantasy Cat Tutorial by Marina

I'm always trying to update my designs, experimenting with different shapes, colors, embellishments. This is a different kind of cat, so I hope you are like and try it! The products I used are listed at the end of the post!

Step 1

For this one I'm using my two favorite colors, FAB Peacock Shimmer and FAB Glitter gold, but you can use other combinations of course. Load your petal sponge and form base of your fantasy cat design. The darker color should always be on outer sides of design.

Step 2

Now let's create muzzles using a Loew Cornell No. 4 brush and DFX black. Go around the eye to create that kitty shape.

Step 3

These roses are a life-saver for me, they are simple, but very effective. Using thin-thick-thin technique you can create them with no problem. A Loew Cornell No.3 brush works perfectly for them. Play with shapes and sizes and create your own unique design.

Step 4

In this step, using same No. 3 brush and DFX black, paint nose and leaves. Use your blending brush to soften the lines around nose and muzzle. By now the paint is dry and it's hard to blend it, but what I like to do is just go over a wet wipe with my brush and then do the blending.

Step 5

Using teardrops and dots, fill empty spaces and paint dots on muzzle area and "close" the fantasy cat mask.Teardrops are painted with a No. 3 brush, and all fine details with a liner brush (or No. 0).

Step 6

We are almost done! Paint some whiskers using a liner brush, DFX black, and white paint. Add a thin line to your lower lip. Add some dots and highlights, and it's finished!

Products used

FAB glitter gold paint

FAB peacock shimmer

petal sponge

Loew Cornell No.3,No.4

Liner brush/fine tip brush

blending brush

DFX black paint

DFX white paint


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!