Boys Tribal Cat by Kellie Burrus

Cat designs are often chosen by girls, but this tribal cat design, which has more of an edgy, masculine feel, is certain to attract both boys and girls who are after a daring, sophisticated cat design.

Step one: Sponge blue onto center of forehead and above outer corners of eyes and cheek bones. Blend all of the blue sections in toward the center of the face.

Step 2: Sponge white above the top lip to create a muzzle. Sponge white on top of the blue at outer corners of eyes and blend down onto eye lids. Blend the whites gently into where the blues are blended in. 

Step 3: Use a strong black to add a nose, muzzle and tribal line work. Outline the entire “cats face” with black. 

Step 4: Use black to make a thick line on top of eyes. Use White to add whiskers and your cat is finished!

Materials used:

-FAB Brilliant Blue

-Mehron Paradise White 

-Global Black 

-Global White 

-Wicked Sponge Pink 

-Loew-Cornell Round #4

-Lowe-Cornell Round #2