Fantastic One Stroke Rose Design That’s Easy To Do!


A one stroke rose is a fast and easy rose that can be done by anyone. Perfect for around the eyes or as a beautiful arm tattoo!


1″ Flat Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

Colors used in this picture:

White Face Paint

Paradise Prisma Rainbow Face Paints – Fleur


TAG 1 Stroke Custom Split Cakes – Snake Pearl
Diamond FX Split Cake – Small Strawberry Delight 23


1. Starting with the 1 inch brush and the pink split cake, add a tiny amount of water to the split cake and work the brush back and forth until the brush is viability good and loaded.  Start at one side, and wiggle the brush over.


2. Add three or four more petals. If you like, add points to one or more of the petals for an added detail.


3. Now, you’ll want to add an upside down “u” shape. Simply start at one side, push up, over and back down to the other side. You may want to go over this a few times to make sure it’s bright.


4. Next step is to add the right side “u” directly underneath the first.


5. Next add additional petals, by sweeping around the sides of the “u” petal shape. This is made by making small hook type shapes.


6. To add another rosebud, start by making another upside down “u” shape next to the first rose.


7. Make a right side up “u” shape directly underneath.


8. Now add additional petals, that are like hook shapes underneath.

9. Now using the green split cake, load the 1 inch flat brush with the paint by working back and forth.  As you can see below you’ll want to start with the light part of the brush facing to the inner side. Start the shape of the leaf with the ends starting in a “v” like pictured. Push brush out and lead to a point. Repeat on both sides. Make sure to flip your brush over so the darker colors are on the outside.


9. Add leaves all around the flowers.


10. Using the small round brush, and the green paint, add swirls and vines around the design.


11. Finally add white. Outline the edges of the roses, and leaves. Add small teardrop shapes inside the leaves. Add dots and whatever final decoration you would like, and you are done!  It’s that easy.



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