Easy 4 Step Dino!

I definitely had fun with this one! I hardly do boy designs but this is exactly for your not so sit still little man ( girls can obviously use this design too just turn it purple and pink!) Very easy and quick dinosaur face paint design for beginners or even advanced artists who want to get more money for pay per face!

Items used:

Sponge, #2 brush

BAM Mini Stencil

DFX Green, Red, Black and White



1: Load your sponge with dfx green and cover the bridge of your nose and about 2 inches from your eyebrow make a slight triangle above the eyebrow into the eyebrow. dab a little green on each jaw bone as well.

2: Take your Stencil and Red dfx and load your sponge or dauber and lightly sponge or dab on your stencil.

3: Load your White dfx onto your #2 brush and create your horns, this is just putting three tear drops together and adding in spots you missed. Put the horns at the top of the nose and on the jaw bones. (you have the option to put the horns anywhere you like.)

4/Final: Load your #2 brush with your DFX black and outline your dinosaur. This is where you can have fun. Around the eyebrows starts to overlap the outline for frowns. This creates an angry dinosaur and angry dinosaurs make for Happy Boys and Girls!

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