Easy 3 Step Kitty

This is a great tutorial for the artists who just don’t have a very “sit still” child. Some of them are just like that by pure accident and others just love to fidget. This takes (with practice only 20 seconds) Only 3 colors are needed as well as only a sponge and 2 brushes! This can be for beginners and well as advanced artists who just want more ” bang for your buck” at Pay Per Face events.

Kitty Face Paint Tutorial

Kitty Face Paint Design

1: Load your white on your sponge and make a triangle shape ( this design is much like my fox design, which goes more in depth on how to place your ears and such)

2: Load your #2 brush with DFX Pink and Start making lines in the ears and for the nose you need to make a very subtle U shape on your nose and carry it down to the end ( if they have itchy just end at the tip)

3/Final: Now Add your detail with your #2 brush and DFX black, add the whiskers and outline the ears and nose, a couple dots and a line from the nose to the mouth.

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Items Used:

Sponge, #2 brushes (if you have one color source and want to be faster if not you only need one)

DFX white, pink, and black