One Stroke Princess Tiara Tutorial

This princess tiara face paint tutorial is awesome for a little girl whose parents dont want to wait any longer then possible in the line, and the ones who can’t always sit still all the time. It takes only 30-60 seconds to make, and it’s very easy and pretty all in one!

Items used:

1/2 inch flat brush,#4 round brush

Half of a Split cake

Dfx White





1: Take your 1/2 inch brush and load it with half of the split cake or whichever split cake you desire for this tiara. Make an oval shape, afterwards like up your brush with the oval shape and swoop down and up and one more time until you have two weirdly shaped “U”s on either side. Next load it up again with your split cake and at the corner of your eye you swipe up on either eye.

2: Next load your #4 brush and create dots. Bigger on the tip of the swoops then the other parts to make it more prominent. On your eyes create some tear drops with your focal point of the corner of the eye. ( My lower dots turned into icicles, so you can do that same if you want, just drag the dots instead of letting up)

3: Repeat your dots and tear drops below your eyes.

4: Now Ad some start bursts and you’ll be set to go! Apart from adding glitter which of course would make it even more awesome!

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