Easy Butterfly Face Paint Design Tutorial by Kiki

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Butterfly designs are one of the most favorite designs in face painting. It's a very versatile design which allows it to be painted almost everywhere on the body. 

But today, Kiki is going to show us how to paint an easy butterfly design on a child's face. 


Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Start with chisel brush and outline above and below the eyes with light blue face paint. You are making a butterfly shape. Leave space immediately around the eyes.

Step 2: Over the light blue face paint, add purple face paint over the eyebrows and cheeks with a medium brush.

Step 3: Using a fine brush and black face paint, outline the nose to make the body of the butterfly. Again with a fine brush and black face paint add an antenna and swirls around the eyes.

Step 4: Using a small brush add dots with black face paint and white face paint. Put white face paint on the eyelids and create eyelash effect with a medium brush.

Step 5: Add white face paint as lip color and white and blue glitter for a finishing touch

Products Used in the Video 

Amerikan Body Art Glitter - Holographic White (Sheer)
Diamond FX Cosmetic Glitter - Stratosphere (Blue) (5 gm)
Ruby Red White 100 Face Paint
Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Blue Face Paints - Pastel Blue 410
Ruby Red Purple Face Paints - Purple 770

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