Pirate Butterfly Face Paint by Linnéa

Pirate Butterfly

Who says you can not be pretty as a butterfly and cool as a pirate at the same time? Not me anyway! This design is a mash up between these two things, and it such a funny design that even Jack Sparrow would envy you! So get your best pirate face on and maybe add some glitter if you want to and go as a pirate butterfly at the next Pirate Party!  

Step 1: Sponge work. 

For the base of the butterfly wings I used two colours; gold and red. I decided to use glycerine based paints since they are much easier to blend. Start with the gold using the pointy part of a petal shaped sponge and cover the eyes and just under the eyes. Take some gold in the middle part between the eyes as well, it will make the skull pop even more. Take the red colour with the round part of your sponge and create the rest of the wings. Make the upper wings larger and more triangular shaped and the bottom wings smaller and with a more rounder shape. Be aware that the wings have a 45 angle degree from the focal point between the eyes.

Step 2: Onestroke outline.

Make the outline of the butterfly using a 5/8" angled brush and a darker onestroke cake. I used a black/red one from Cameleon called "Gypsy". 

Step 3: More butterfly look.

Use the same one stroke to do antennas and more details and lines on the wings to create a more butterfly look. Make a skull in the middle on top of the gold using a waxy white and a skull stencil or by free hand. Make sure the skull is placed low enough, don't place it too high. 

Step 4: Linework and details.

Outline the skull with a #2 round brush and a waxy black. Create four bones with waxy white, one on each wing. Make a black eyeliner for a more "Pirate-look". Add some white dots in different sizes and finish off with painting the lips with the one stroke colour.  

A little tip! If you want a sparkly pirate butterfly, add some gold liquid bling. ;-)

And now you are ready for a treasure hunt! Hope you like it. Happy painting!

Products used:

FAB/Superstar "Gold Shimmer"

FAB/Superstar "Rusty" (sub "Rage")

Cameleon Colorblock "Gypsy" (sub Global "Mexico")

Diamond FX "White"

Diamond FX "Black"

Tools used:

Petal shaped sponge from Wicked

Facepaintstuff 5/8" Angled Onestroke brush (sub Loew Cornell 5/8")

Loew Cornell 795 #2 Round brush

Skull Stencil from Diva Stencils (sub TAP stencil)


Hi! My name is Linnéa and I live in the south part of Sweden with my husband and two children.
I started to facepaint in 2016, and I am now a certified facepainter from Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School.
I really love everything about this industry, and I like to challenge myself and keep on growing as an artist.

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