One Base - Three Different Butterflies!

Butterflies are probably one of the most popular designs for painting,and just when we think we saw them all something new shows up.

In this tutorial I'm gonna go back to basics and make three different butterfly designs. So prepare your sponges, brushes and paints and paint along with me!


Step 1

I'm gonna write products at the end of the blog, because we are gonna focus more on technique than choice of colors. When you are beginner using petal sponges to create butterfly shape is best thing you can do. Get one large petal sponge (for top wing) and one smaller (for the bottom wing). I use spray bottle for wetting my sponges and that way you can be sure you're not gonna have too wet sponge or leaking colors.


Step 2

Using petal sponge create top wing. Depending on forehead you are gonna see how far up you can go, but keep in mind that you have to leave space for lining and that top wing should always be bigger than bottom one.


Step 3

Now we are gonna paint bottom wing with smaller petal sponge(if you don't have smaller one it is fine,just use same size). Bottom wing should be half size of top one. Another important thing is to leave a gap between wings.If you are not happy with shape just go with a wet wipe and correct it.


Step 4

For lining I use round brush No.4 or even dagger brush. This is actually great for busy events, add some swirls for antennas, maybe some glitter and you are done. So this is our butterfly No.1.


Step 5

Next steps are just variations on same base,to show you when you have base it's hundreds of possibilities from there. Using stencils is one way. With stencils we are giving texture to the wings,you can ad stars, lace pattern, scales, just about anything. Play with antenna shapes! Teardrops, dots, swirls, bling cluster - you name it. This will be our butterfly No. 2.


Step 6

This one is my favorite. On bottom wing is first step, create some teardrop shapes, and then fill with black everything else. I added on base color some neon yellow (upper wing)and darker blue (bottom wing) just to make design pop more.


Step 7

I've deleted white parts (antennas) because here we need more dramatic and bolder ones. Again with round brush no.4 and black, paint some swirls and teardrops. And this is our butterfly no.3.


Product used

Global Dublin Split Cake

Silly Farm Patriotic Split Cake

TAG Berry Wine

DFX White, Black

BAM stencil

Petal Sponge

Round Brush No.4


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!