Clown Makeup: The Only Limit is Your Imagination

This adorable clown is quick and easy, but you can also do so much more


This adorable clown is quick and easy, but you can also do so much more

A clown is probably one of the easiest full face makeups to do because you can’t go wrong. Anything goes with a clown. When it comes to children, you should make it bright and happy, like this beautiful little girl. The limit on the clown is your imagination.


  1. Pull hair back out of the way
  2. Clean and dry the face
  3. Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


  1. Have a damp washcloth or small pot of water nearby so you can easily wipe off your fingers and brushes between color applications.
  2. When working with children it is best to start at the top and work your way down, leave their mouth for last.
  3. When it comes to children move fast. If they are fidgety, then skip the white facepaint and just draw in mouth and eyes, extra big and bright.
  4. When working with children be sure to have lots of wipes, wet and dry


Paradise Tropical Face Paint Palette

Paradise White Face Paint

Mehron Jumbo Pro-Pencil

Mehron Wedge Cream Makeup Sponges

Snazaroo Dual Tipped Applicators

Colors Used In this picture:



  1. Using a clean sponge and white paint color the whole face. Some like to do it as a simple circle encompassing the face, others choose to do it to the hairline. How you do it, depends on personal choice and the patience of the child. You may just have to skip the white face paint and go on to the main show.
  2. About halfway up the forehead use the black pencil to draw in new eyebrows.
  3. Color the area between the new eyebrows and the originals with bright green, if the child is patient you can extend the color all the way down to the eyelids and exaggerate the eyes.
  4. To children, every clown has a big red nose, so give them one
  5. Using red, and your dual tipped applicator, fill-in the lips, then go around them again with the red makeup. You want the lips larger than the childs natural lips.
  6. Now you can call it a day and move on to the next child, or you can personalize it a little bit. It all depends on your time, and how fidgety the child is. You can outline things in black to make them pop, or add more to them. The cheeks are an open canvas. Use your imagination to put something simple on them like hearts, initials or animal faces. When it comes to clowns, there is no true limit to what you can do.

Picture courtesy of Mark Wheadon