4th of July Designs Part 1

4th of July

-Part 1-

(Red, White and Blue Feathers)

In Tribute to a hero of our FacePainting community who saved the lives of three children from an almost tragic end.

(Her story of that day will be written in quotes at the end of this tutorial)


Who doesn’t like feathers these days? This is a fast and easy way to make feathers for any occasion but because the 4th of july is just days away I thought why not be patriotic?



* make sure your person is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

* have the necessary tools at your ready

*Have fun!


Tools and Paints Used:

DFX Red, White and Blue

Split cake of Red White and Blue (hand made by me from above)

#5 Round Brush

Half Ass Mini Stencil 4039


1: For the first step you need to load your brush with the split cake

2: All you need to do for this is to press lightly with the tip of the brush down on your arm or service you’re working with.


3: When you press down make sure when you are gradually going up to slant it up and ending with a straight line.


4: Repeat on the opposite side


5: The tail end is optional as usually the feathers have more than one and the tail gets in the way. All you need to do for the tail is to bring the brush down like a pedal brush making a petal. (please see my how to on Petal Making if you don’t know what i’m talking about)


And you’re finished! Congratulations if you have gotten it on the first try! If not, don’t fret it will come with practice!

A Hero’s Story in her own words

Hi everyone……….just wanted to say how thankful I am today. High winds (micro bursts and downdrafts) hit my event today. I had just a few moments to decide between covering my kit or taking off after the inflatables that were flying through the air dumping kids off of them and the inflatables flew into the river. I am a certified lifeguard for open water and water parks so I ran and jumped in to be sure no children were being held under by the inflatables (purple feather hat and all) when I got out i scooped up a girl with a arm busted (bent backwards) ….emergancy personal could not get through a traffic jam and barracade…my car was the only one for a mile because i parked it by my table when i got there. I put her in my car along with a man and took them to the hospital. (had to drive over a hill and through someones yard to get around a baracade. She was trasfered to a larger hospital and had surgery. 2 others were injured enough to need surgery and a few others had just bumps and bruises. Most of my kit was ruined when I returned. A nice woman had tried to pick it up and had most of it in her van…but the torrential rains had already gotten to it (would’nt you know i had all my new ordered stuff from 3 different companies with me) and the lady not knowing smoothie blender care had accidently snapped them when she put them in her car. Feather hat is a loss….special clown shoes are a loss….most of my kit is a loss. But …..I feel blessed. I recieved a text from my husband (state trooper ) 2 min before it hit telling me that there was high winds coming and to get out of there. I looked up at my line and handed cards to all the parents saying I know you waited a long time…but bad weather is coming and i might not get to your child. Please call me if I cant finish and we will set something up next time i come into town. I painted one more child and it hit like you would not believe. It was super scary. I shook for hours after the whole thing was done. I had a wedding a few hours later in another town and called the bride to ask if I could switch to balloon twisting…she said yes and I stopped by a house……washed and dried my clothing…borrowed a pair of shoes…..and was out the door to finsish my day of gigs. I’m finally home and can’t wait to take a warm bath and cry. Please pray for the little girl. She was so scared asking if she was going to die. I was contacted by her aunt that told me she felt so comforted to know i was the one with her when she was scared. I’m going to give her a free party when she feels better. Love you all, Kelly S.

Here is the link to the News Report as well.

~We have a strong community as face painters and i’m so glad to be apart of that, This is why half of my earnings is going to help her get her stuff back.