How to Face Paint a Rainbow Butterfly

Butterfly 6


  1. When working with sponges, a little water goes a long way! Try not to add too much, otherwise the design will not be very vivid.
  2. Working with sponges, it can be very useful to have a spray bottle to add water to the paints.


Medium #4 Round Brush
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Diamond FX Face Paints – Rainbow Split Cake


1. Start by using half of a high density make up sponge, and a rainbow cake. Add water to the rainbow cake to active paint. Drag sponge across the surface of the paint, until the sponge is good and loaded.

butterfly face 1

2. Start by place the edge of the sponge in the corner of the eye. Keep sponge titled at about a 45 degree angle and press firmly. Dab the paint on over each eye, pivoting the sponge at the corner of the eye. Repeat to both sides.

.buterfly face 2

3.  Once the rainbow paint is over each eyes, take the round brush, and add tear drop strokes over the inside edges of the butterfly. Add the body and antennas in the middle of the forehead. Have all your lines angled at 45 degrees, and pointed toward the middle right between the eyes.

Butterfly 3

4. Next, using the same brush and paint, outline the outer edges of the butterfly. Make fat tear drop shapes that you squiggle then pull down toward the focal point.

butterfly 4


5. Start to connect the lines together, by creating “U” shaped brush strokes that go from line to line.  Paint a line starting at each corner of the eye, and pull brush along over the eyelid and up and around to the other side. Connect the black lines by tracing around the outline of the wings.

6. Add White dots with the round brush all along the outer edge of the wings. Add some small white dots in the corner of the eyes.

butterfly 5


7. Finally, finish the design by painting purple lips and slappin on some glitter. You got yourself a pretty rainbow butterfly

Butterfly 6