4th of July Design Part 2

    4th of July Design 

    Part 2

    This is for a hero in the face painting community who as of recently, when she saved 3 children from a runaway bounce house and then carried a young girl who had a broken arm to her car and proceeded to drive her to the hospital as the ambulance was stuck in a traffic jam. Her story is here as well as the news link.

    (Flag Eye Design)


    This Design is very popular among the female spectrum, and why not? It’s a great design and very quick for the face painters!


    * make sure your person is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

    * have the necessary tools at your ready

    *Have fun!

    Tools and Paints Used:

    DFX Red, White and Blue

    #5 Round Brush

    Half Ass Mini Stencil 4039


    1: Load your Brush is DFX blue and make tear drops all the way down the eye til you get to the corner of the eye.


    2: add the White and Red (does not matter which you use first just remember that white doesn’t like red much and vis versa)

    20140701_135006 20140701_135042

    3: Then you add the Bad Ass Stencil and you are done!


    And you are done in THREE steps! Hows that for a fast design! You can also add to it as well some more swirls and twirls and twinkles as well too!