4th of July Design Part 3

4th of July Design Part 3

(star necklace design)


So here is an Awesome fast design if anyone would like it somewhere other than their face!  Forgive me if it’s not my best work I had to do basically everything opposite of what i’m use to! Not use to using myself as the canvas!


* make sure your person is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

* have the necessary tools at your ready

*Have fun!

Tools and Paints Used:

DFX Red, White and Blue

#5 Round Brush


#1: First load your brush with DFX White, Then create a normal start (5 triangles connected at the two ends and colored in.)



#2 Now with the same brush and DFX white again Add two (suppose to be identical but who can do that?) Teardrops on either side of the star as well as a couple straight teardrops.


#3 Now with your DFX Red do the same Thing only add another row of teardrops above the original ones (as shown)


#4 Then Create 3 additional Teardrops for the DFX Blue and add some details if there is time.


You are all done! again another fast and easy design, especially if you are in a rush at a 4th of July event! Dont be discouraged if you couldnt do it on yourself as I had a hard time doing it too!