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Rainbow/Gold Eyelashes are a perfect makeup accessory to add volume and color to your eyes. These colorful eyelashes feature purple, blue, green, yellow, red/orange colors along with a gold metallic foil mix. They can be glued on easily with an eyelash adhesive (sold separately). Rainbow/Gold eyelashes are perfect for parties, dance makeup, shows, photo shoots or Halloween makeup. Eyelashes can be removed by gently pulling off the eyelid. These reusable eyelashes come in sets of 2.

How To Apply & Remove Eyelashes?
To apply:
1. Clean eyelashes and eyelids so that they are free of oil or makeup.
2. Check the eyelash against your lash line and trim off any excess length.
3. Apply a thin line of adhesive along the lash band. Use a toothpick to spread it evenly.
4. Wait for 15-30 seconds to let the adhesive get set.
5. Secure the lash by pressing on to the lash line using your finger tips. Strip lashes should be applied on skin closest to the hairline.

To remove:
1. Gently pull the lash off the eyelid.
2. We recommend following with an Eye Makeup Remover (sold separately).

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Dawn Woodson

These are just want i wanted