Fusion Body Art Glitter - Magic Pixie Dust (10 gm/0.35 oz)

Fusion Body Art


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Fusion Body Art Golden Stars Fine Glitter is cosmetic grade, brilliant white reflective fine glitter with extra holographic rainbow reflections, great for adding the ultimate glitter effect in your body art designs, sparkly eye lining or for creating glitter tattoos.

Fusion Body Art Fine Glitters is a new line of cosmetic grade, highly reflective, fine brilliant polyester glitter, great for adding a fine glitter layer over your face and body art designs to create amazing sparkling effects. Fine glitter can also be used for sparkly eye makeup. Mix different colors of Fusion Body Art glitter to create your own unique color accents.  

Size: 10 gm/0.35 oz. Comes in an easy to use pump spray bottle measuring 3 7/16" tall and 14/16" in diameter. 

How Do I Apply?

Fine Cosmetic Glitter can be used by itself or with face paints. 

Place the pump a few inches away from the face. Spray the glitter over it by gently pressing down on the pump. Please note that the glitter tends to fall down instead of being sprayed forward, so hold the pump above the area you want to add glitter. If glitter does not come out with your first attempt, prime the bottle by pressing down on it several times until the first pile of glitter comes out.

Dust off any stray glitter with the smoothie blender or brush.

You can also mix glitter with a gel base to create a paint-on glitter gel.

How Do I Remove

Soak up and loosen the application with a soft wet sponge, disposable wipe or cloth

We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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Easy application & doesn't make a mess. Gorgeous shimmer.