Face Paint FAQ

We strongly recommend that you read the following information to understand safety information about face paints. You can refer to the brands section to find links that will take you to brand specific information page.

First things first, it is important to properly read, understand and follow instructions that are on product label. This is particularly important for Neon or UV colors. In general, US FDA labels neon colors as "special effects products" for cosmetic use on hair and nails only, and not for use on skin. Some brands do provide independent study results that indicate that they are safe for use on skin. does not take responsibility for any side effect that happens due to inappropriate use of the product.

Weights indicated in our website are as provided by the manufacturer. Actual weight might slightly vary from this number, due to changes in exact composition of the cake. recommends you use the product within eighteen months once you have opened the container. Older face paint can start to dry out and be less effective. Some manufacturers mention a shelf life of 36 months unopened. where as some do not specify any expiry for unopened products. This really varies from brand to brand, and reading the product label is the best way to know.

Leave your face paint container uncovered until it dries. Store the face paint covered in a clean, dry, dust free area out of direct sun light.

Some face paint cakes like Kryolan are hand-poured and may have lines or blemishes on the surface. Certain brands like PartyXplosion might develop cracks on the surface due to weather, like heat and humidity and varies from cake to cake. Due to their special formulation, pearl or neon colors could be more sticky or soft under these temperature and weather conditions.

Please be assured that any such blemish, crack or line on the cake is not an indication of age or quality. Such cakes can be moistened and used as a usual without any effect on performance.

We strive to use the most accurate and updated product pictures in our site, however their appearance on screen can widely vary depending on the device settings such as screen brightness or size of the screen, whether it is laptop, tablet or mobile. The actual product color might have slight variation from what you see in site. We try to include as much information in our title and copy and recommend that you read them to get a complete picture about the product before purchase.

Please note that sometimes a particular batch of makeup might have slight different shade than previous batch.

May we also point out that paints that are labeled as same color might look vastly different between brands. For instance, green from Diamond FX and Global might not be the same shade.

Some brands like Cameleon, Global and Mikim recommend a patch test by placing a small amount on the wrist or behind ears. If there is no reaction within 30 minutes, then the product can be safely used. Discontinue use if any rash develops. This is particularly recommended before first time use of any makeup or if you are prone to allergies.

Always start with a clean dry face, free or oil or makeup before face painting. Do not apply face paint on cracked or bruised skin.

Some face paint brands like Cameleon, Diamond FX, FAB, Graftobian ProPaint, Kryvaline, Mikim, PartyXplosion and TAG require only very little or minimal amount of water for activation and more water can result in running of paints. Global on the contrary requires more water for activation than other brands. Please refer to product page in our site for specific brand information.

You might find variations in consistency between different colors of same brand, for example Snazaroo, due to the different pigments used, so some colors (like green and orange) will need more water than white or black. That is normal.

Though most face paints provide durable coverage, some brands like Mikim and FAB recommend setting with a setting spray for more durable applications.

Several brands like Wolfe does NOT recommend mixing their makeup with other brands. If you do, makeup can take on the properties of the other makeup, meaning this might affect its resistance to smearing! It may also create unknown chemical reactions.

We recommend washing with soap and water or baby wipes to remove face paints. Do not use baby wipes with oils in them to remove the paint, the wipes can push the color into the skin and make it more difficult to wipe the paint off, hence can result in staining the skin.

After removal of face paints, some traces of color or stains might remain for a short period after washing, especially if worn for a longer duration. In case of highly pigmented paints like Cameleon, some staining might stay for little longer than other brands, especially with strong colors like blues and greens.

US FDA generally recommends against using red, yellow, orange or purple face paints near the eyes and or using blue, green or purple face paints near the lips to avoid possible staining issues. On Neon Face Paints, avoid using around eyes and mouth.

Face paints may stain fabrics. Try cleaning stained fabric with a product like Oxyclean, but stains may be permanent.

Our customer service is just an email or phone call away and are always more than happy to help you if you have further questions on any of the above.

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