Tutorial: Zombie Puppy Dog

Zombie Puppy Dog

This Zombie Puppy Dog works wonders when you have a child that really wants a scary zombie, but the parent wants to keep it less scary for the other children. It’s a win for everyone, especially you since this design is also pretty quick.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Paradise White
  2. Paradise Purple
  3. Paradise Red
  4. Wolfe Black
  5. Ben Nye Lumiere Palette
  6. Always Wicked Sponge
  7. #4 Round Brush
  8. Smoothie Blender

The Application:


Zombie Puppy DogLoad your Always Wicked Sponge with Paradise White and sponge in your puppy dog’s face.

Zombie Puppy Dog

Using the same sponge, load it with Paradise purple and sponge in the Zombie eye and add some more purple on the edge of one side of the design. You will be splitting this design in half. Normal puppy on one side and Zombie on the other.

Zombie Puppy DogLoad your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Red and paint in the tongue with a couple of little blood drops coming down from it and add a little scar on the Zombie side.

Zombie Puppy Dog

Load your #4 Round Brush with Wolfe Black and begin the puppy outlining. When you are painting in the Zombie side of the puppy, you will be making more jagged lines then you will outline the “normal” side of the puppy as usual.

Zombie Puppy DogContinuing with Wolfe Black and your #4 Round Brush, add spots to the puppy face, outline the tongue and paint the whiskers. Remember to make the Zombie whiskers a little bit crazier than normal.

Zombie Puppy DogStill using the same brush loaded with Wolfe Black, start by making “x’s” down the middle of the design to create stitches. Load your smoothie blender with green from your Ben Nye Lumiere Palette and add some Zombie green to your puppy’s face. Finally, load your #4 round brush with Paradise White and paint in highlights on the stitches, tongue and nose. I also went back and added some red to the stitch holes.

And there you have it! I really enjoyed making this design. I hope you will enjoy creating it as well. Please share you version with us on our Facebook Page.

Until next time… Live, Love, Paint!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs