“The Eye of the Flag” 4th of July Design

Final 4th of July Design

~The Eye of the Flag~


This was by far the best time i’ve had painting on myself! It turned out so well I thought to myself this would be a great tutorial! So here it is! It is super quick too!


* make sure your person is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

* have the necessary tools at your ready

*Have fun!

Tools and Paints Used:

DFX Red, White and Metallic Blue


Bad Ass Mini Stencil #2016



#1: Spray your DFX Metallic Blue and spray your sponge and load the sponge, then cover your entire top eyelid, then slightly lifting in an upward motion to create the ripped effect as shown


#2: Now Spray the Red DFX and another New Sponge and proceed to cover the bottom lid, half the nose and make little spots for the white to go as shown. You can do this with the white as well, I just chose the red first.


#3: With the Bad Ass Stencil, Load yet another sponge with DFX White and place the Stencil on the Blue Metallic DFX and press down lightly enough to cover most of the blue.


~And you’re Done! Congrats if you have done this on the first try, if not don’t worry the Stencils have gotten me many of times I had to practice a ton to get them correctly!