Tutorial: Swirls and Sparkles Mask

Having created loads of bling clusters over Christmas and New Years to be ready for the coming months, when girls ask for a beautiful, sparkly mask, I allow them to choose a favorite gem cluster, and then I create a custom design around it. I hope you enjoy today’s swirls and sparkles mask tutorial, which was the result of one of these impromptu sessions.


Kryvaline Glowgaze large split cake
Diamond FX White
#3 round brush
#1 round brush
Petal sponge
Cosmetic glitter
Liquid bling
Gem cluster


Load your petal sponge from the Kryvaline Glowgaze split cake, keeping the small point on the yellow, lightest side. When you’re making a mask of any type, it is more complimentary to put the lightest colors in the center of the face and to keep the darker colors on the outside. Sponge over the eyelids and away onto the temple, and add some glitter before it the design becomes completely dry.

Also sponge some paint into the center of the forehead, leaving a space where you will place the gem cluster. Apply your adhesive to this spot so that it has a chance to become tacky before you apply the cluster.

After I made the initial mask, I decided to add a lower section to the mask to give it more of a butterfly shape. It’s optional whether you want to add it as well or not. Load your #3 round brush with Diamond FX white (or Wolfe white) and create the swirls over the sponged area.

Press the gem cluster into place using the adhesive of your choice. I use a few drops of glitter glue adhesive, and I always may sure parents know how to remove the cluster when they wash the face paint off at the end of the day.

Switch to your #1 round brush and load it with more of your white. Create a second, narrow outline around the design. Also add some dots and starbursts. If you have a huge line, you could skip this and just go with the mask the way it is, but for a smaller private party, I would definitely add these special details which will make the mask even more lovely.

Finally, outline the design with the liquid bling color which will match and enhance the gem cluster, which is the focal point of your design.

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for